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    on:cloud by Obsidian Networks keeps your files secure, synced to all of your devices whether that be your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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    Backup your files from any device ensuring that if you ever need to restore Obsidian Networks on:cloud backup can save the day.

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Take your files with you, wherever you go. Synchronise your data across computers, tablets and mobile phones. When you change a file on one device it will automatically sync the change to your other devices.

Secure File Sharing

Designed to enable quick and easy file and folder sharing with your colleagues, even when they are working outside of your office. on:cloud allows you to stop sending large files via email. Our sync tools can share data with any person you need to, no matter what device they are using.


Share your files quickly and easily to friends and colleagues. Allow access and sync your files to anywhere and any device that you want access from.

Security and Control

You can easily setup and manage user permissions when sharing confidential files and folders with your colleagues. on:cloud allows you to keep control of each and every document within your business.


Secure and backup your files across all of your platforms and devices. Never lose any of your files ever again.

on:cloud Drive

With on:cloud drive you can access all of your business data that is shared via on:cloud, just as you would access any file on your computer.


Designed for computers, mobiles and tablets. on:cloud is ready for access from iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Linux devices.

File Versioning

on:cloud automatically keeps previous file versions as they change so that you can quickly and easily, at the click of a button restore previous copies of changed or deleted files.


How on:cloud can help you

Problem 1

You have a team of 5 users who each need to access important business data, each of the 5 team members all work home and need to be able to share these files quickly and easily. There are too many times that emails are being rejected for size limitations of attachments.

Problem 2

Your data is your business’s most important asset. Files and folders that have been accidentally deleted or misplaced is frustrating you. The time that it takes for you to await your IT support team to recover these files for you is causing you anguish and results in a loss of productivity for you and your team.

Solution 1

on:cloud sync apps give team members the ability to sync all business data directly to their devices no matter what device they are using. Your team members who are all working remotely just open on:cloud and it is like they are all sitting together within the office. All data is fully up to date on their devices and any changes are automatically synced across to each member of the team.

Solution 2

on:cloud backup gives you and your business the protection that your files require in order to stay safe from the threats of file deletions and PC/Server failures. on:cloud will automatically backup and store previous versions of your files meaning that any file can be recovered by any team member at the click of a button. You will never have to wait for anyone to sit through and restore backups of your files. With on:cloud your data is always safe, secure and most importantly always available.



ON:cloud Backup
Starter ON:cloud Sync
Business ON:cloud Sync
From £5.99 per month From £7.99 per month From £11 per month
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ON:cloud Backup
Starter ON:cloud Sync
Business ON:cloud Sync
Price From £5.99
per month
From £7.99
per month
From £11
per month
(min. 5 users)
You Get Backup for 1
PC up to 500GB
File synchronisation
between devices
for 1 user up
to 1TB storage.
File synchronisation
with full user
permissions and
company branding
up to 1TB storage.
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Download Our Software

Download our desktop and mobile software so you can start your cloud backup or cloud sync and enjoy all of the benefits of backup, sync and sharing via the Obsidian Networks cloud.

on:cloud for Windows

on:cloud backup and sync for Microsoft Windows 7 and above.


on:cloud for Mac

on:cloud backup and sync for Mac OSX 10.8 and above.


on:cloud for Linux

on:cloud backup and sync for Ubuntu 12.04 64bit and higher.


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